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Traffic Exchanges are a Fantastic way to get your site seen! There are several types of traffic exchanges. There is the Manual Click Traffic Exchanges - where each member clicks an object to view the next page. Each exchange has a timer which is set at a specific amount of time that you are to view the website, once the timer stops you can click the object, whether it is a number, color, shape, picture or the word GO and view the next page. Manual Surf gives you Visits to your site. Or there is Auto Surf Where you do NOT click for credits, and they bring HITS to your site! This is set on a timer and the page views automatically open without clicking. You generate HITS to your site by leaving your browser open and letting it go automatically. Some traffic exchanges, have a security page, to see if you are viewing the pages at the same time and will give you extra bonus credits if you are watching for them. There are Banner exchanges and Start Page Exchanges also which we will list them later on. ( I am re-vamping my website so they will be added in the next few weeks so make sure you bookmark this site.

Go to Each section and Read what each exchange has for features and Join them and start getting your site promotions seen with quality visitors ("Visits") or Hits to your site. There is also a section where the exchanges give you Qaulity Manual Surfing and Auto surf all in one place so check out each section accordingly to your needs below.

Manual and Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges ALL in ONE PLACE This section will provide you with the exchanges that have Manual Surfing and Auto Surf all in one place. You can click the surf bar for BOTH at the same exchange to Earn More Traffic to your website promotions! Click Here!

Manual Surfing - Manual Surfing Traffic Programs, to Generate Visits to Your Website NOT Just Hits Click Here to Get Started!

Net Profit Gold Adland Traffic Exchange Check it out then Join Free and Get Your Own Page like ours FREE! It's Easy they give you the code to put into your website and WALA you create more Visits to YOUR website Promotions and Your Website Page! Click Here and See what I mean!

Auto Surfing- - Auto Hits Traffic Programs, to Generate Hits to Your Website Click Here!

Net Profit Gold Banner Exchange Join Free Today and Receive 100 Credits for Your Banner Now!

Start Exchange, Ezine Ad Exchange and MORE Coming Soon!

Updated Dec 9, 2004

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